How We Got Started

I'd like to think that my jewelry reflects my personal style. How? Well, I love a luxurious, indisputable, damn-good piece of art as much as the next woman. But I'm a little weird: I also truly LOVE a bargain. I LOVE THEM BOTH! Equally.
Is that weird? Who knows. 
Sure, I shop at high-end stores when the wallet permits, but I also shop at stores like Goodwill and Ross. I suppose that gives you a taste of the exact juxtaposition that is my jewelry: Yin & Yang. I offer very High-End pieces made with very High-End material; pieces that you can absolutely brag about. I also offer one-of-kind pieces, made with "whatever I've got because the mood is striking me & I feel like creating" material. Confusing? Yes. Paradoxical? Yes. And you know what? That's how I like it. Because that's who I am.  I hope you like it too. This is definitely Jewelry with a Heart.